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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 28, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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and temperatures will warm up about where they were yesterday. there's a west breeze. but i think it's about 4 miles per hour. so it doesn't matter. 60s, and low to mid-70s. sunny, hazy, nice day. here's sal. traffic is doing well around the bay areas. as a matter of fact, doing well on highway 4 as you come up to the willow pass grade. nice and quiet start to this morning's commute. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on interstate 880 in oakland. that traffic continues to move along nicely. and the morning drive is going to be okay if you are driving on northbound 101 in san francisco approaching the lower deck of the bay bridge. you may see one of the ramps there, the 1st street on-ramp shut down because of aver night road work.
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several dozen are now camped out this morning. and this follows a tense late- night appearance by oakland's mayor. we are outside city hall in oakland. good morning, craig. >> reporter: a lot happened or night. and you mentioned the growing number of people defying the 10:00 p.m. curfew. overnight, michael moore tweet z his plans to come here, but the presence of the mayor really riled up the crowd last night. >> reporter: the mayor had come to speaking to occupy oakland, instead, she retreated into the safety of city hall. she issued the statement saying, we are deeply saddened about the outcome on tuesday.
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this was not what anyone hoped for. ultimately, it was my responsibility and i apologize for what happened. >> we're here tonight because of scott olsen. >> reporter: about a thousand people gathered last night to think about scott. on tuesday night, the iraqi war vet suffered a fractured skull. he was hit in the head from a projectile that came from behind the police line. it made national news and inspired a petition now on calling for the mayor to drop charges against those arrested and community leaders are behind bars because of that protest. again, what's happening right now, you have a growing presence of people staying in tens. that in defiance of a 10:00 p.m. curfew. more on the michael moore visit and what happened last night when she came to visit. ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco city leaders
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are in talks with occupy protesters and held a closed door meeting last night. >> we focused on something we agree on which is the site has to be cleaned up. and we're kind of trying to strike an agreement of how that can get done without being threatening to either side. >> mayor lee, several supervisors and protesters met at city hall to discuss the camp's future. police sources tell us here that two raids were planned for yesterday, but then were abruptly canceled. now one supervisor says he thinks police had second thoughts after what happened in oakland. >> why can't we just be adults, realize it probably wasn't a good thing to do. and now they're at the table where they should be. we're told that mayor lee will announce plans by tomorrow afternoon. in other overnight news,
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oakland police are investigating an overnight homicide. police responded to reports of gun fire at the intersection of myers and 109th avenue at about 11:15 last night. now they found a man on the sidewalk with at least one gunshot one. he was pronounced dead at the scene. we don't know his age. and police have not released any suspect descriptions or a possible motive yet in the case. an attorney for the los angeles dodgers is hinting that the injured giants fan might be responsible for his attack. the attorney made the suggestion yesterday to espn los angeles say, quote, it takes two to tango. the family attorney immediately responded to the accusation. he tells the chronicle that the family has witnesses who saw suspects throeing beer at people and yelling obscenities. well the search is on for a man accused of assaulting a female student in a parking
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garage at the college. take a look at this sketch of the suspect. he is described as white, 5 feet 4 inches tall, extremely blond hair. he was wearing a green sweater with white lettering and blue jeans at the time and spoke with a russian accent. a 19-year-old woman tells authorities that she was choked unconscious at about 8:30 yesterday morning. she says a man asked her to help find his car. and when they were in the parking garage, he asked her for a hug. police say she declined and then the man grabbed her, causing her to pass out. >> we want everybody aware that there are people that will attempt to gain your trust and could possibly, you know, assault you, maybe rob you and steal things from you or possibly sexually assault you. >> the victim says she woke to find people standing over her, but the man is gone. authorities are not saying which of the two garages the assault occurred in. another school is stepping up security after receiving a
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threat. the times reports the elementary school received the threat yesterday morning. the specific threat has not been released. but parents have been notified. now one week ago, someone sent a fax to concord high school saying people would be shot on campus. and earlier this month, someone sent a threatening email to a high school. they are putting pen to payer to try to fight prostitution. the city's police department plans to send so-called dear john letters to the owners of vehicles seen to be soliciting prostitutes. a lew at the innocent told a community meeting that officers will try to get as much information as possible before sending the letters. well, today marks the new milestone in the construction of the bridge. at 10:00 this morning, crews will lay down the final section of the deck for the new eastern
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span. the san francisco mayor and oakland mayor will both attend the event. the bridge is scheduled to open to commuters in 2013. let's check back in with sal for a look at the friday morning commute. good morning. good morning to you. and yeah, happy friday. happy friday to you who are watching. let's go outside and take a look at the eastbound and westbound 80 freeway. looks good headed out to the maze. and no major problems there. and the morning commute looks good if you are driving to the westbound bay bridge toll plaza. a nice looking drive with no major issues getting into or out of san francisco. this morning's commute looks good on northbound 280, up to highway 17. that's a nice looking start. at 4:37, let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. we have calm conditions, very quiet. cold for some. jet stream stays to the north. at least today and this weekend. next week, there are signs that it's going to dip over us,
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somewhere next thursday into the weekend. pattern is definitely going to change, but not today. very quiet and stable. what we had yesterday will carry into today and tomorrow. for your friday and saturday, the dry pattern, chilly, cold morning. 30s and 40s. mostly sunny. mild to warm. there could be a few high clouds. fog might start to inch back over the next couple of days. i wouldn't be surprised amount of moisture went way down yesterday, it's creeping back up. low 40s or upper 30s for some. 55 in san francisco. that's warmer than it was a couple days ago. and the pattern again, higher clouds, drifting up to the southwest. but more so on saturday. no big deal, but they might be there. jet stream, just staying way to the north. sunny and nice after a cold morning. very quiet, calm conditions on the breeze. mid-70s on the temperatures. close to what we had yesterday. warmer as we go into the weekend. in fact, just a tiny bit.
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a couple degrees warmer saturday and sunday. and cooler starts monday and tuesday as the pattern begins to change and we go into november. tug boats helped move the 887-foot long battleship yesterday. once at the port of richmond, the ship will undergo refurbishing work for three months and then it's off to southern california where it will be a floating museum. the battleship was commissioned in 1943. 4:39 is the time. with halloween just around the corner, the measures san francisco police are taking to make sure everyone stays safe. and, the complaint, the family of moammar gadhafi plans to file.
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it will be hazy, mild and warm. 70s for many. 60s closer to the coast. firefighters were mopping up hot spots overnight from a big fire that damaged at least ten mobile homes just south of los angeles. and that fire started yesterday afternoon at an apartment building currently under construction. huge fire quickly spread to a
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nearby mobile home park, displacing about 60 people. fortunately, no one was hurt. but the cause remains under investigation. a microwave is being blamed for a fire at a mountain view apartment complex. that happened just after 8:00 last night at the complex on california street. when firefighters arrived, they found smoke coming out of the apartment's window, but they did manage to quickly put that out. and no one was injured in that fire either. the family of moammar gadhafi says it is going to file war crimes complaints against nato for the death of the former libyan leader. it was a nato air strike that hit the convoy moammar gadhafi was traveling in last week. he survived the air strike, but died from the strike in the head. the family is filing the complaint with the international criminal court. nato says it did not know moammar gadhafi informs the convoy when it attacked. rescue workers in turkey pulled another survivor from the rubble of sun's earthquake.
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he's a 13-year-old boy who got inside a shoe shop when the earthquake hit. relatives say he used a rock to dig a hole to partially free himself from that collapsed building and that boy was not seriously injured. so far, 570 people have been confirmed dead following that 7.2 earthquake. the federal government has begin california permission to cut reimbursement rates to doctors and clinics by 10% under the state program. state health care officials say the cuts are necessary because of california's budget crisis. the cuts are expected to save the state more than $600 million. now the centers for medicare and medicaid services says it will begin a monitoring system to determine whether the cuts affect people's ability to access medical treatment. federal investigators are ramping up their investigations of medicare fraud. special investigators with the department of health and human
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services tell us here, news of the recent prosecution is just the tip of the iceburg. he traveled up and down interstate 5 purchasing $34,000 worth of antipsychotic drugs. he used stolen identifications to get deep medicare disdowns and then sold the drugs to organized crime rings 9 aa profit. >> i think this is just the tip of the iceburg. we are 100% involved in investigating the cases and yes, it's a problem we are seeing growing little by little. >> the department of justice reports more than 731 up from last year. a state audit shows a disturbing number of sex offenders could be living or working with children. more than 1,000 addresses match
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those of licensed group homes and foster homes. it only looked at three counties. california law prohibits sex offenders from becoming foster parents or running group homes, but not necessarily prohibit them from living in those facilities. san francisco police will be on alert this weekend, even though the city will not hold an official halloween celebration. in the past, the event has drawn tens of thousands of people. but it was canceled after a shooting in 2006 that injured nine people. there year, there's no official event, but the neighborhood is still preparing for visitors. initially after the crime and whatnot started, people started worrying that it wasn't going to happen, that there wouldn't be a party. but we've learned that people come anyway. >> san francisco police tell us they'll have extra patrols out this weekend. there will be a zero tolerance for alcohol consumption on the
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streets. working partnerships usa will hand out 40,000 glow necklaces as part of a pedestrian safety campaign. the give away goes from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. in san jose. kids who show up in costumes will receive some other gifts. san francisco's city attorney plans to appeal a judge's rule striking down the cellphone law. yesterday the federal judge ruled the ordnance requiring cellphone dealers to warn customers about possible radiation danger goes too far. he's ordered the city to stop requiring cellphone stores to post warnings on their walls. the judge called the warnings untrue and misleading. a new jersey man pleaded guilty to stealing a drawing from a san francisco gallery back in july. police used this video to track down mark lugo. he will have to serve 16 months
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in credit and with credit for time already served, he should be released next month. once he is free, he will be extradited to new york where he will face charges from stealing other price works from that state. there is a chance you may fail, even if you're sober. the flaws we uncovered about those field sobriety tests. and winter in the bay area, why we won't have to travel far this weekend if you want to see some snow.
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about 30 protesters were arrested in tennessee. state troopers moved in just after 3:00 this morning newsing
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a new policy that set a curfew for the groups near the state capitol. protesters had been camped out for about three weeks. they say they intended to face arrest without hostility. i-5 is back open now. but that's following a pursuit that turned into a shootout. it started yesterday morning when the driver of this van failed to stop at a mandatory check point. once officers stopped him with spike strips, police say he started shooting at him. officers fired back and the suspect was injured. the incident closed down the highway, stalling traffic for hours. well, it's friday. and for people that decide to drink and drive tonight, they could get pulled over. but some say field sobriety tests are flawed and outdated. >> these tests originated 30 years ago. and were tested 30 years ago. and we are not in the same shape that we were 30 years
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ago. >> now an attorney argues that the tests don't tell an officer whether someone has alcohol in their system. those tests include a walking test, a standing test and an eye tracking test. >> most people when they're sober can pass the test. >> they call the test effective in screening impaired drivers from those that are sleepy, distracted or just bad drivers. there will be a game seven of the world series. >> in the air to center. we will see you tomorrow night. >> that home run came in the 11th inning. capped a wild game. the st. louis cardinal rallied from a two-run deficits in the 9th and 10th innings to beat the rangers 10-9. the rangers had built a 7-4 lead before the cardinals mounted a come back.
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you can watch game seven right here on channel 2 and that is at 5:00 tonight. sal, how great because it's a friday night. you don't have to get to bed early, you can enjoy the whole. >> i have a confession. >> yes. >> i couldn't go to bed until the game is over. that was the best game infer the world series. >> i did not watch the ening. >> tonight here, as you mentioned. >> nice. >> good morning. let's take a look at the commute. and when josh hit that home run, i thought it was over. westbound 92, looks good getting onto the high-rise. no major problems this morning. traffic looks good on the bridge as well. interstate 880 in oakland, traffic moving along nicely in both directions. and this morning, if we are looking at san francisco, northbound 101 traffic looks good. now the 1st street on-ramp remains shut down. just about to reopen it.
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but doing overnight road work, the actual bridge itself though looks good. no major problems on the bridge. as we look at san francisco northbound and southbound 101, that traffic looks good. if you're trying to catch a flight to the airport, there are no obstructions on the way. steve, sal. >> i went to sleep. had no problems. >> i see. >> also tonight, game seven. and the sharks and the red wings. >> i see. >> a big night in the paulson home. >> i see. >> all right. thank you everybody. we have a cold pattern out there for some. not as bad by san francisco. in the mid-50s there. quiet into the weekend. all those plans you have, no problem. next weekend though could be different, but not today. cold morning, hazy and warm. weekend looks good, probably a few high clouds. but temperatures can come up a few degrees. next week, everything starts to change after halloween. a cooler patter and rain. into the weekend, we will see
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but both are bullish on changing the pattern once we get to about wednesday or thursday. right now, everything is visiting seattle and portland and staying north of us. for the weekend, a dry pattern, chilly mornings. mostly sunny. mild to warm. i mean, for this time of year. temperatures in the mid- to upper 7s. high pressure is here for another couple days. 40s or 30s, but warmer this morning than yesterday. that's for sure. so some of the moisture is creeping up a little bit. so the lows are as well. there could be fog in the next day or two. but a few high clouds cruising up from the southwest. not a big deal. but overall, pattern looks good for us. cold mornings, calm conditions, sunny and nice. haze in the air right now. so 76. that's the spirit. morganhill, mid-70s. uppers, 70s san francisco to oakland. warmer saturday into sunday. and then cooler but okay on
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monday. and then tuesday cooling continues as we see more fog. >> no rain for trick-or- treaters. in colorado, shelters have been set up to keep people warm after a snowstorm knocked out power to thousands. at its height, some 200,000 customers lost power in colorado. right now, it is affecting about 24,000 households. you don't have to colorado, you don't even have to go to tahoe to see snow this weekend. san francisco civic center will be covered with snow. the snow boarding competition is being held tomorrow. it's similar to the ice or air competitions kneeled the city. but-- competitions held in the city. they'll compete for $10,000 in prizes and admission is free. the bay bridge marks a major milestone this morning. the new construction you will see today.
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changes on the way for the occupy san francisco camp. the new plans that were hashed out by city leaders during a
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late night meeting. a major milestone will happen today on the brand new bay bridge. we'll tell you what you can expect and what it means for this project. and billions slashed from the budget of america's armed forces. how national security could be affected. it's all ahead here on the channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's friday, october 28th. >> it's friday. >> good morning. i am dave clark. weather and traffic. here's steve. >> thank you very much. we have clear skies out there. cold for some. not too bad for others, but upper 30s, 40s and 50s. and highs close to what we had the past couple of days,s and 70s coast and bay and mid-70s inland. right now, traffic looks good. southbound 101, looks good


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